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The name's Jared. I'm a junior Theater major at a private university in Texas. Acting is my passion, and it's what I want to do with my life. Both on film and on Broadway. I refuse to settle for any less. I have big dreams, but I have a big heart and a big passion to back it up. that's what makes me different the most other "hopefuls" If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough.

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I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. 


I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. 


idinas like “I can’t dance” r u sure lil miss tango maureen


Elphaba & Glinda: We’re just two friends…

Elphaba: Two good friends

Glinda: Two best friends




Whoever ends up in a long term relationship with me better be prepared to sing As Long As You’re Mine with me.


but wow patti lupone has a point it must be fucking awesome playing fantine

you go onstage at the start, sing one of the most iconic songs in musical theatre history, die and then chill out for two hours, bow, and get paid.



i wonder if luna needed the nargles and stuff to deal with the bullying. i wonder if it was just easier for her to think they stole her shoes rather than her peers are just being mean to her.


"the woods are just trees,
pooʍ ʇsnɾ ǝɹɐ sǝǝɹʇ ǝɥʇ

Anonymous said: Good! Any particular reason you're pretty great or just happy in general?

It’s just been a really great week.